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1What is RF Over Fiber (RFoF)?
RF over Fiber is a technology used to transmit Radio Frequency (RF) signals over long distances over Fiber. It is also called RF over Glass, RF Optical Transceiver, and Coax Replacement solution. With RF over Fiber technology the RF signal is converted to an Optical Signal by the laser diode and converted again to an RF signal via a photo diode.
2Why Switch to RFoF?
The decision to switch to RFoF is mainly based on the RF link budget calculation. Since there is a coax cable loss for distances longer than 150 ft, RFoF must be used especially if high frequency above 10 GHz is used. RFoF is also used where coax cable deployment is difficult or costly due to its size and weight or where fiber already exists.
3 What is an optical delay line (ODL)?
An Optical Delay Line (ODL) is an electric-optic-electric instrument. It performs fixed time delay(s), between a few nanoseconds up to several hundred microseconds, for RF signals from 10MHz up to 40GHz and more. The RF input signal is converted into an optical modulated signal.

Custom RFoF Modules

Summit Communications Solutions

We do work with our partners to create custom enclosures and solutions for your RFoF deployment needs. Here are few examples.

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