Tactical Fiber

  • For outdoor deployment needs we offer one or multi-strand tactical fiber cables.
  • The other end is usually a 60 cm fanout with FC/APC or SC/APC connector to connect to RFoF chassis based or standalone RFoF modules
  • All connectors and fan outs are customized to customer requirements.
  • One end is typically the ODVA multi termini connector to match the connector on the outdoor RFoF enclosure

Multi Strand Custom Tactical Fiber Cable Samples:

ODVA MPO connector and FC/APC fanout

Fibers & Splitters

QPC Q-Link connectors are both ends

Fibers & Splitters

Optical Splitters

Customizable 1U splitter chassis

Up to 24 connectors
Up to 3 LGX style panels
Any connector type
1x2 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 options
Up to 8 sets of 1x2 splitter
Any split ratio (50/50, 25/75,….)
Slide-out tray


Operation Wavelength1260-16001260-16001260-16001260-1600
Insertion Loss dB (Max)< 4.0< 7.3< 10.7< 13.7


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