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Summit Communications Solutions, Corp., based in NJ, serves North and South American markets.

Summit Communications Solutions and its partners have a combined 40+ years of experience designing, marketing and supporting opto-electronic solutions across the globe.

We operate across multiple industries from Aerospace and Defense to Audiovisual and System Integration.

We focus on the following markets:


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RFoF for Range extension

Since coax cables introduce significant RF losses, typically their length is limited to 150 – 200 ft. If a signal has to be carried longer distances, the signal has to be converted to optical medium where it can be carried up to 20 miles without significant losses. 1 km of fiber introduces about 0.5 dB RF loss (0.25 dB Optical loss).

  • To extend the distance between a satellite dish and a receiver
  • To extend the reach of your microphone in field recording
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna Solution) extension
  • To carry Wi-Fi signals to shielded rooms
  • To carry signals to underground mines

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RFoF for Coax Replacement

  • To lower the weight on a tower
  • To reduce loss on long coax runs

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RFoF for Do-It-Yourself ODL Market

  • We provide RFoF links up to 40 GHz
  • Fixed Single Mode Delay lines

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ODL for Range Simulation

  • For Radar Calibration
  • For Target Simulation
  • For any application to insert a fixed delay to an RF signal