Solution Partners

To provide our customers end-to-end RF-Over-Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions we have partnered with RFOptic, M2Optics, and FISBlue

We always research new solutions for our customers. If you are interested in becoming a partner and would like us to represent your solutions, please contact us to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

RFOptic based in Israel is a leading provider of Optical Delay Line and RF Over Fiber Solutions. The company has gained its experience from the Israel Defense Forces and Telecom and Satellite communities by tailoring special solutions for these sectors. They offer a wide range off the shelf and customized Optical-RF products, at affordable prices and with short delivery time.

By leveraging technology and expertise gained since the company’s establishment, we attracted a broad range of customers from the telecom, satellite, defense and other markets.

FIS Blue specializes in highest quality custom military and broadcast fiber optic assemblies. SummitCSC and RFOptic have partnered with FIS Blue to provide our RFoF customers end-to-end solutions.

FIS Blue provides customized indoor, outdoor, or tactical multi-core fiber cables with specialized connectors to connect RFoF modules to each other. All cables are custom designed to fit the exact application. FIS Blue offers the industry most competitive pricing and shortest lead-times.

M2 Optics specializes in manufacturing customized single and multi-spool optical fiber platforms for network simulation, fiber delay solutions, and other system testing applications.

SummitCSC has partnered with M2 Optics for applications that require passive and cost-effective optical delay solutions. Customers can use RF Over Fiber transceivers along with M2 Optic’s delay spools.

For active and programmable delay solutions visit our Optical Delay Line section.

System Integrator Partners

PWS has grown to become one of the industry’s leading experts in supplying and supporting wireless sound systems for live and broadcast events. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Masque Sound, PWS specializes in developing new gear and delivering advanced solutions for the many events and productions that are increasingly raising the demands of RF equipment.

PWS uses RFOptic’s RFoF links in its wireless microphone systems to extend their ranges.

Wave Central provides professional, high-quality RF wireless solutions for the sports, entertainment, broadcast, and film industries.

Wave Central's RFoF modules can provide up to +24 VDC through the SMA connector to power up antennas.

Business Partners

We serve Turkey, CIS, and Middle East markets through our local partner, Artitel, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Artitel takes care of import regulations and custom clearance issues. Artitel has 20 years of experience in serving Telco’s, Mobile Network Operators, and Large Enterprises.