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Altimeter and Flight Simulator Solutions

Altimeter Solutions

Altimeter Solutions

RFOptic and its NA distributor, Summit Communications Solutions, are excited to introduce their new Altitude Simulator tool, ALT ODL.

RFOptic’s Optical Delay Line solutions have been deployed across many industries and geographic locations.  The main ODL application to date has been radar testing and calibration.  Recently, due to market demands RFOptic has developed an altitude simulation tool based on their proven progressive programmable ODL architecture

The Altitude Simulator is used not only for altimeter testing and calibration but also to emulate the altitude for flight simulators.  The altimeter signal that is received from the flight simulator is delayed using Altitude Simulator and sent back to the flight simulator giving the pilot and instruments real flight impression.  The emulated distance can be quickly changed through an API to simulate flight descend and ascend.   

The ALT ODL can simulate altitude ranges up to 100,000 ft forming 4,000 distinct altitude simulations

Additional delay or RF signal losses can be programmed into the ALT ODL to simulate the cable loses that might happen due to the location of the altimeter in the plane or the flight simulator 

The setting of the ALT ODL can be controlled through the USB GUI, LCD screen, or API.  For more details