We work with a large variety of companies which include Disney, FAA, Exelis, ITT, DoD, Navy, NASA, Goodyear, ATT, CBC, Consulting Companies and VARs. Below are quotes from some of our customers:

Radio Science Research Lab in Massachusetts About RFOptic’s 20 GHz RFoF Links

[RFOptic’s 20 GHz RFoF link] worked flawlessly on our trial with the radio astronomy receiver during a global observing campaign. Compared to the channel that had an old [Competitor’s] link, the RFOptic’s channel had much flatter response and noise performance

Top tier University - Engineering Department

The system continues to work well.  So well, in fact, that I’d like to buy 2 more Tx/Rx pairs to fill out our system of 3 antennas.  Are they still in stock?

Aerospace company about RFOptic’s Low Frequency RFoF links

… what we thought would be the largest obstacle, the utilization and acquisition of a RFoF unit, turned out to be a non-issue … in such short order allowed us to complete our endeavor in a timely fashion and professional manner.

Radio Astronomy company about RFOptic’s Low Frequency RFoF Solutions

[RFOptic’s RFoF] units were physically a better fit and price wise, within our budget. … The units performed exceptionally well.

Large Defense Contractor about RFOptic High Frequency ODL Solution

I am happy to say [the ODL] has exceeded expectations. … have proven very versatile in testing more aspects of the radar than we had originally planned. Thanks for all your help with this successful project.

Large Defense contractor about RFOptic’s 18 GHz RFoF links

These RF over fiber links are working very well for me. … we started using them in our measurement system with very good results.