Custom RFoF Modules

Battery Powered RFoF Modules

When the RFoF module needs to be used for few hours and it is not practical to bring in DC or AC power, a battery powered solution can be the answer.

This type of situations can arise in an EMC chamber or in a tunnel.

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Solar Panel Powered RFoF Modules

If needed RFoF modules can be powered through solar panels. In this deployment the Tx module is placed by an antenna where there is no power requiring the use of a solar panel.

The RFoF modules are very energy efficient and do not require cooling. The Tx module consumes 260 mili-Amps at 5 VDC. If the 30 dB internal LNA is turned on, it draws 385 mA at 5 VDC. The Rx modules draws 225 mA at 5VDC.

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Wireless Camera Signal Backhaul Application

The cameraman’s signal is transmitted wirelessly to receive antennas around the stadium. RFoF link enables to extend the distance between the antennas and the receiver enabling the placement of the antennas in places like the tunnel or locker rooms.

Wave Central created a weatherized enclosure with a Bias-T that enables the RFoF module to feed +12 VDC power to the receive antennas. Further, the enclosure is suited with BNC RF connector and RF power connectors that are used in stadiums.

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