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RFOptic Presents RFoF Solutions up to 40 GHz
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Defense Optoelectronics Industry Update

On April 21, 2023 Emcore shocked the Industry by announcing that they are discontinuing their defense optoelectronics product line.

RFOptic and its NJ based North America distributor, SummitCSC, are well suited to help Emcore customers as they have been serving the Defense and Aerospace Industries for 10+ years with their state-of-the-art broadband RF Over Fiber converters and Optical Delay Line solutions up to 40Ghz

RFOptic offers single and multi-channel RFoF subsystems which can transport RF signals up to ten+ miles. Its delay solutions including the Altimeter Delay Solutions are customizable and can form 1000s of delays from few nanoseconds to hundreds of microseconds

All RFOptic products come with USB or Ethernet based HTML/SNMP/REST monitoring and control platform

RFOptic is so confident with the performance of its products that it offers demo equipment to help companies make informed decisions. To learn more contact us.