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Multi-Channel RFoF Solutions

RFOptic solutions are designed with modularity in mind. RFoF modules (Tx and Rx) can be used as standalone or housed in RFOptic’s or customer’s own enclosures. As the modules are small and very power efficient, cooling fans are not required. To accommodate various multi-channel configurations RFOptic offers various:

Enslosure Options

  • 1U Chassis - Removable: Up to 4 modules
  • 1U Chassis - Generic: Up to 8 modules
  • 2U Chassis - Removable: Up to 8 modules
  • Small ODU (Outdoor Enclosure): Up to 4 modules
  • Large ODU (Outdoor Enclosure): Up to 8 modules
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Management Options

  • All standalone modules have a micro-USB connection for remote management
  • RFOptic chassis and ODUs come with a USB port to access all internal modules for management. RFOptic also offers optional Ethernet connection for chassis and ODUs for HTML/SNMP based management
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CWDM (Mux) options

  • When required RFoF modules can be customized with CWDM lasers so that all RFoF channels can travel through the same fiber using a CWDM
  • RFOptic's CWDMs can be used in the chassis/ODU or standalone
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