Multi Channel RFoF Transport

One RFoF link comprises of one Tx and Rx modules. The RF signal is converted into an optical signal which is then transported through a single mode fiber to the Rx module where it is converted back to a RF signal. RFOptic provides unidirectional and bidirectional RFoF links.

RFOptic also offers multi-channel solutions when multiple RF signals need to be backhauled from one location to another location. RFOptic’s chassis, ODU and standalone modules can be used to form numerous multi-channel RFoF layouts to achieve various deployment requirements.

Deployment Sample 1

4 bidirectional RFoF links between a Central location and 4 Antenna locations. The 1U Generic chassis houses 4 Tx and 4 Rx RFoF modules along with 4 MUX’s. Each antenna location has a standalone transceiver.

Deployment Sample 2

It is a similar deployment to previous one. Each bidirectional transceiver is housed in IP-65 rated ODU. The small ODU can house up to 4 modules while the large one can house up to 8 modules. The modules in the ODU and the chassis can be accessed through USB or Ethernet (SNMP/HTML) protocols. API is also available.


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