Programmable RFoF up to 6 GHz

Customization through programming

The embedded LNA and attenuators can be adjusted through the GUI to achieve the desired system link gain (S21), Noise Figure (NF), and P1dB (1 dB Compression point). The free RFoF link simulator tool can be used to determine how the embedded LNA and attenuator should be set up to meet the required link budget.

Furthermore, the solution has Optical and RF diagnostic capabilities for Tx, Rx modules and the RFoF link. These features save the cost of test equipment and provide the real-time diagnostic for any deployed link.

Programmable RFoF link Part Numbering

Unidirectional RFoF LinkDescriptionTx Module Part#Rx Module Part#
RFoF-2.5GHz-1310-Prog0.5 MHz - 2.5 GHz, 1310 nm *RFoF2T3FR-PA-11RFoF2R3FR-PA-11
RFoF-2.5GHz-1310-GPSGPS Over Fiber with Bias-TRFoF2T3FT-PA-11RFoF2R3FR-PA-11
RFoF-3GHz-1310 Prog0.5 MHz - 3 GHz, 1310 nm*RFoF3T3FR-PA-11RFoF3R3FR-PA-11
RFoF-4GHz-1310 Prog0.5 MHz - 4 GHz, 1310 nm*RFoF4T3FR-PA-11RFoF4R3FR-PA-11
RFoF-6GHz-1550 Prog0.5 MHz - 6 GHz, 1550 nm*RFoF6T5FR-PA-11RFoF6R5FR-PA-11
Bidirectional RFoF LinkDescriptionTransceiver 1Transceiver 2
RFoF-2G-5531S-B1​2.5 GHz Bidirectional, 1550 & 1310 nm RFoFB2T3R5SR-11RFoFB2T5R3SR-11
RFoF-3G-5531S-B13 GHz Bidirectional, 1550 & 1310 nmRFoFB3T3R5SR-11RFoFB3T5R3SR-11
RFoF-6G-5531S-B16 GHz Bidirectional, 1550 & 1310 nmRFoFB6T3R5SR-11RFoFB6T5R3SR-11
*Other wavelengths optional


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