RFoF Solutions

RF over Fiber (RFoF) solutions convert analog RF signals into optical signals which are then transmitted over single mode optical fiber and converted back to RF signals at various bands.

RFOptic offers 2 types of RFoF Solutions:

RFoF Solutions are designed to replace coax cables that degrade RF signal

RFOptic’s easy-to-use RFoF solutions are mainly used for signal backhaul applications over single mode optical fiber in 5G, Satcom, Cellular, Defense, DAS, A/V and GPS applications. Since fiber is lighter than coax RFoF solutions are also used in weight sensitive application such as space, marine, airborne, drone and balloon-based applications.

Further, since RFOptic’s RFoF modules are very energy efficient and do not require colling, they are also used in space constraint and energy efficient applications

Use table below to identify the appropriate RFoF link for your application and download its datasheet

RFoF Links Per Frequency Band

BandFrequency RangeBandFrequency RangeBandFrequency Range
HF3 MHz to 30 MHzL band1 to 2 GHzX band8 to 12 GHz
HF30 to 300 MHzS band2 to 4 GHzKu band12 to 18 GHz
HF0.3 to 1 GHzC band4 to 8 GHzKa band26 to 40 GHz

Why Customers Choose RFOptic’s ODL and RFoF Solutions

RFoF Frequency Table

Applications include:

  • Remote Antenna
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Military Communication
  • Direction Finder
  • Audiovisual


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