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RFOptic and SummitCSC Continue to Offer Innovative RFoF and ODL Solutions

Summit, NJ, May  3, 2018 | Summit Communications Solutions, Corp, a NJ Corporation, is proud to be the North American distributor of RFOptic, a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions.


Our portfolio of solutions include:

• RF Over Fiber links up to 40 GHz

• Optical Delay Lines up to 40 GHz

• GPS Over Fiber links (Bias-T)

• Standalone Delay Spools


RFOptic and SummitCSC offer two types of RFoF Solutions:  

     1. Programmable Low Frequency RFoF Links

These are broad spectrum solutions.  Frequency range ranges from 500 MHz up to 6 GHz.  Lower cost versions are also available for up to 4 GHz, 3 GHz and 2.5 GHz. These RFoF links include Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and attenuators which can be adjusted, or “programmed”, through the GUI. This enables the user to modify the System Gain, S21, P1dB compression point, and Noise Figure (NF) levels.  The Noise Figure of these links can as low as 5 dBm. Tx and Rx modules are quite small and each would fit the palm of a hand

     2. High Frequency RFoF Solutions

These are relatively small modules that are the size of a book. The frequency range is up to 40 GHz.  Lower cost versions of up to 20 GHz, 16 GHz, and 12 GHz are also available. They can be customized to have unity gain, LN figure and higher P1dB point

All RF Over Modules can be standalone or placed in an IP-65 rated outdoor or 1U rack mountable enclosures that can house up to 4 modules

RFOptic and SummitCSC also offer highly customizable Optical Delay Line solutions that can support up to 40 GHz, 20 GHz or lower frequencies.  The ODLs support a wide delay range ranging from 20 nano seconds up to 700 micro seconds. ODL can be remotely controlled.


In general, we offer three types of ODL solutions:

  1. Standard ODL which supports up to 8 distinct delay lines.  
  2. Programmable ODL, aka progressive ODL, which is used when hundreds of delay combinations are needed.  One good example is step delays such as 2 microsec steps from 1 to 300 microsec.
  3. Mini ODL which is a compact desktop module that supports a single delay line of up to 15 microsec


When designing a delay solution, we take several factors into consideration such as:

  • Dispersion Control.  As longer delays are needed at higher frequencies can cause significant dispersion issues.  
  • Automatic Gain Control.  This prevents discrepancies in link gains when using long and short delay lines.

Based on the market feedback, SummitCSC and RFOptic continue to innovate. One of the upcoming features will include SNMP control of the RFoF links.

For more details on our solutions, contact SummitCSC or RFOptic.

About RFOptic

RFOptic is a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions. For the last 20 years, its team of industry veterans has been developing, designing and integrating superior quality technology for a wide range of RFoF and ODL solutions. The solutions are deployed at various industries, including broadcasting, aviation, automotive, and defense. RFOptic offers its customers and OEMs various off-the-shelf products, as well as custom-made solutions optimized for a wide range of RFoF products at affordable prices and with a quick turnaround. RFOptic’s mission is to help its customers to turn innovation into a real business by providing them with the highest quality, cutting edge RFoF solutions as well as customized solutions based on individual requests and objectives.

For more information about RFOptic, please visit rfoptic.com

About Summit Communications Solutions

Summit Communications Solutions, Corp., is RFOptic’s longtime partner in delivering RFOptic’s high quality RFoF and ODL Solutions to aerospace, defense, research and other industries in North America. SummitCSC consultants provide technical and commercial support throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean regions. For more information about Summit CSC, visit summitcsc.com