RFOptic and SummitCSC Continue to Offer Innovative RFoF and ODL Solutions
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RFOptic and SummitCSC ship another Optical Delay Line to a National Research Lab

RFOptic 18 GHz ODL

RFOptic 18 GHz ODL

2018 has seen a spike in ODL orders.  SummitCSC and RFOptic have shipped several programmable and standard ODLs to various research labs across the country.  Standard ODLs can support up to 8 distinct delay lines that are from 100 nanosec to up to 700 microsec. Programmable (aka Progressive) ODLs enable the user to change the delay lines in increments of set delays.  For example a programmable delay line between 10 microsec and 50 microsec with 0.5 microsec steps would provide 81 distinct delay lines.  The delay steps can be RFOptic has provided programmable delay line solutions that can support up to 1024 delay lines

Delay lines can be remotely or locally controlled.  Most customers due to security reasons prefer RS-232 communication.  Control over Ethernet is also available

RFOptic Optical Delay Line solutions are very space efficient.  Most ODLs come in a 3U enclosure that houses the transceiver, delay spools and other necessary components such as optical switches.  If large delay lines are needed, another 3U enclosure can be added.

All delay line solutions come in heavy duty transport cases that are foam fitted for maximum protection during shipment.  The transport cases are reusable making the delay line solution portable.